Riky Rick Writes a Letter to His Son

Ricky Rick writes a letter to his son

Ricky Rick writes a letter to his son

Ricky Rick gets Emotional in Letter to his Son.

Fatherhood has taught Ricky Rick some very important lessons like the importance of giving his love and time to his children.

Recently, Ricky wrote a heartwarming letter to his son. In the letter, the artist/father revealed his initial fears about Fatherhood, but looking back he realises that he was scared about all the stuff that didn’t really matter.

“I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for fatherhood. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to provide for you, put a decent roof over your head or buy you new sneakers.

As time went on it hit me that none of those things matter as much as spending time together; laughing with you, dancing like Michael Jackson or building castles with the mud outside.”

Riky reflected on his own childhood, and how his dad was a good man but in hindsight was focused on chasing money.

“My father was a good man but I wish he could’ve been allowed the space not to have to chase money his whole life, I wish I could’ve told him, ‘papa all I need is you.’”

Riky finally thanked his son for transforming a “scared young man into a proud father”.

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