Drake’s Son “Adonis” Gets a Big Reveal In New Photos

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Get a glimpse of Drake’s Adonis in new photos.

A few weeks ago, no one had any idea whether or not Drake was a Father, or who Adonis was. It all started when Pusha T released “The Story Of Adidon,” suddenly the cat was free from the bag. Fans waited patiently for Drake to say something about it, however that would happen finally with the release of his album “Scorpion.” The mystery behind whether Drake was actually hiding a child had finally been solved. The big reveal came with the release of Drake’s latest album, Scorpion. As Pusha T stated, Drake is indeed the father of that child, and the time had come for him to admit it publicly.

That being said, there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding Drake’s Adonis. Yesterday, thanks to some leaked photos posted online, we got our first glimpse at what Drake’s baby boy looks like.

While Drake’s Baby Mama, Sophie Brussaux, has opted not to show off her child to the rest of the world, the internet will always have its way.
The photos posted yesterday weren’t much to look at, but it was the first real glimpse of Adonis. From what we saw, the photos were most likely taken very shortly after Sophie gave birth, as she can be seen wearing a hospital bracelet in one of the photographs. If the “March 14” Drake is referring to was the date that Sophie gave birth, Adonis would be a few months older now and would probably look a lot different.

According to the lyrics on “March 14” Drake won’t be parading Hollywood with his baby. However, since he’s taken responsibility for the child, he’ll try to be a positive and present impact in his life.

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I must confess, we’re a little late on this one. I had seen this yesterday but was too lazy to write. The pictures posted yesterday have since been deleted by the source.

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